Meaty moments, Part 1

I love photography and I love cooking,  unsurprisingly I love food photography, so I will be publishing a series of food shots, and today we are going to start with meat and a series of photos taken at  festivals  where traditional meat processing and cooking takes palce. Don´t worry, vegetarians,  it will be  your turn any time soon!

In one of our local villages there is a traditional slaughter festival which is worth shooting.  The actual slaughtering was banned some time ago, but traditional butchers still keep chopping pork on the town square, allowing for some interesting shots.


Butcher hands on fresh pork

Butcher hands on fresh pork

Preparing a pork leg

And where there is festivals, there is roasting and barbequeing.

Grilling meat

Spit roasting

Assorted meat being grilled

Grilling chorizos


Grilled chicken skewers

And, last not least, the delicacies traditional butchers make and display on the street markets



Serrano ham



Black pudding

Spanish  cold meat


Jellied meat

A collection of meat related photos can be found and purchased here.

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Wall Textures

I  love architecture (for itself and as a photographic subject), and I have a weakness for details and textures,  in particular for exterior walls  that are rustic, classic masonry or peeling, full of cracks, with leftovers of many layers of paint and many years of disrepair.

With the charming Mediterranean light  on my usual locations it is just a matter to wait for the right time of the day to get all sorts of interesting materials, backgrounds and textures.  Here you have a few samples, a  larger collection can be seen and purchased here.


Peeling wall

Tesselated wall texture in a full frame take

Brick wall


Wall texture

Old wall

Peeling wall


Broken wall

Cracked wall

Demolished wall

Cracked wall

Stone wall

Old wall

Limestone cladding

Old wall and sign

Weathered wall

Layers of an old wall

Archeological layers


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Almond tree blossom

Happy new year everybody!

Over here the Mediterranean winter is about to offer us  two weeks of  sheer beauty, almond tree blossom.

They do not look like they are up to much, good old almond trees, more like  a gnarled piece of firewood

Hibernating almond tree

But when they come to life it is sheer beauty in white, pink and some intermediate nuances

Almond blossom

Almond tree flower

Pink almond flower

Almond tree branch

Country roads get crowded at weekends  to enjoy the scenery

Scenic road

Almond plantation

Fageca village

and  the odd year (yes, climate change…) we are lucky enough to have coincidental snow

Almont tree branches

Guadalest at Almond blossom

What is very likely, anyway, is to get plenty of sunshine and beautiful mountain landscapes  decorated by our centennial buddy the almond tree

Flowering almond tree

Almond tree in Finestrat


More almond tree photos can be found and purchased here



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Party time

Holiday and party season, so a few random festive photos out of my stock photography portfolios

Champagne still life

Festive lights

Defocused lights

Defocused Christmas lights

Guy blowing up a balloon

Christmas pleasures

Knickers down

Kid  Christmas drinks

A sensual night

Rings inside champagne glass

Happy festive days to everyone!

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Christmas food, Part 3

For the third part we shot some regional classics as well as some generic Christmas food still lives. Just 10 days to go… .

A few shot with ingredients in a Christmas mood:

Chistmas arrangement

Chistmas arrangement

Traditional Christmas sweets

Christmas still life

Dried fruit

Chrismtas arrangement

It is not all about sweets, like a  Spanish elver salad


Italian lentils

Christmas lentils

hearty Colombian lechona

Colombian Christmas meal

Swedish ever so hearty potatoes

Brunede Kartofler

colorful Eastern European soup

Christmas soup

But of course the road leads back to treats like Spanish nevaditos


or candied almonds an marzipans

Sweet almonds


On the Latin American side we set up some sonhos


buñuelos and Puerto Rican Christmas rice

Christmas bunuelos

Christmas bunuelos

Puerto Rican arroz con dulce

Bon appetit!  The whole Christmas collection can be found and purchased  here

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Sewing machine and other home related sessions

Ángela is back to the studio for some weeks,  and we are setting up a few “home tech” sessions. Stay tuned!


SewingMachineD7000 151207132

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Christmas sweets

Last week I went through the Christmas kid food in my portfolio, today we are going to have a look at traditional Christmas sweets, biscuits, cakes… you name it  from different corners of the world.

And as we a are Spain based, we will start with Spanish classics led by the most traditional of them all turrón: Hard turron

Turron and nuts

Turron de yema

Chrucny chocolate turron

The traditional almond version or some of the modern day creations,  sweet teeth are sure to be happy!

Some other Spanish/Latin  Christmas classics  are mantecados and polvorones, traditional scents and flavors no sweet tooth can resist

Spanish mantecados

Polvorones with Christmas decoration

Traditional Spanish Christmas sweets

Spanish Christmas sweets

Getting Christmassy European  a panettone could not be left out of the  shoot


Panettone still life


Panettone and ingredients

We produced most of  our Christmas shoot ourselves

Last step

with some carefully selected ingredients


Candied fruit

Candied fruit

Dried fruit

Dried fruit

Not everything was meant for the sweet tooth, though, nor we stayed only in the Spanish speaking world, but that will left for the third part of the Christmas food series.

The full Christmas collection can be found (and purchased) here.


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Christmas goodies

With just four weeks to go for  Christmas, we have finished several shootings on seasonal food,  from traditional regional recipes to creative ideas for colorful and funny Christmas meals for kids. Today we introduce you to some of the latter.

Christmas tree dessert

A sweet chocolate tree

Christmas dessert

with candy Xmas lights

Christmas  vanilla caramel

Creme Caramel

Snowed house dessert

after a delicious icing sugar blizzard


Color is king, of course, and  quite a lot of attention is payed to “special effects”: over two pounds of icing sugar where “lost in combat” to create the snowy table decorations.  And  though sweet food is an all time kid favourite for  Christmas

Christmas cookies

Christmas tree cookies

Sweet reindeers

Reindeer doughnuts

Reindeer donut

with a big fat cherry nose

Kid dessert

Sweet Christmas tree


Christmas dessert

Christmas tree cake

we also created a Christmas version of another big kid favourite

Christmas pizza

Christmas tree pizza

or  funny arrangements of plain side dishes

Rice snowmen

Rice snowmen

And as nutritional awareness is on the rise, there are some truly healthy-but-funny ideas around fresh fruit

Christmas dessert for kids

Fruity elves

Fruity Christmas tree

Fruity Christmas tree

Fruity Christmas tree

Pineapple tree

Kiwi Christmas tree

Kiwi tree

Fruity Christmas dessert

with juice and giftbox.


On Saturday we will publish the second part of the series, traditional  regional Christmas food from all around the world.

A collection of our seasonal food shootings can be found and purchased here.

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Holiday Season

With Halloween  just gone by, holiday season is in full steam. And though most of us love it most of the time, sometimes some of us could do with a break from the whole excitement that builds up as Christmas looms.

So for those feeling a bit grinchy or simply wanting a break from all the jingle happiness, we produced a  shooting with three true Holiday Superheroes: a decadent Santa, a sensitive Easter Bunny and a merciless Halloween Monster (or something).

Santa suffers from a severe burnout

Depressed Santa


Santa climbing

Easter bunny helping Santa

is pretty unfit

Drinking Santa

and  is always thirsty.

The Easter Bunny is a sensitive creature

Preparing the egg hunt

Preparing the egg hunt

always willing to support  Santa in his hard missions

Holiday heroes climbing

And then we have the Halloween Monster, which behaves quite as expected, he is a monster in the end, or something, isn´t he/it?

Locked in Halloween monster

Holiday superheroes

Santa in trouble

But all of them seem pretty stressed out and end up  conspiring and teaming up against each other

True villains

Chasing the Easter bunny

Catching the Easter Bunny

Poor bunny gets abused in a dreadful way by his Santa Buddy (ah, had this been a video production, I would have chosen that song!)  teaming up with the monster.

Santa in trouble

Santa gets harassed in Coyote/Roadrunner style

Santa and Easter bunnies revenge

Halloween monster in trouble

But finally the more traditional holiday guys  team up to manhandle and tie the pumpkin mask guy. Terribly stressful, the whole holiday thing!!

Javi, José and Cayetano were great superheroes & we had a great time and laughs out there. Oh, yes, and the other José went with me to the studio the day after to do some more  grinchy shots  both as a family man in trouble

Party mess


and as a grumpy, politically incorrect Santa

JoseSantaD700013121360 Santa cigarette break Call center

A whole set of grinchy pics is on sale here.

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International Air Show

On a warm and sunny October morning (this is Eastern Spain!) I headed for San Javier, where  Spanish acrobatic squad Patrulla Águila were celebrating their 30th anniversary with buddies from all over  Europe,  five hours of  low passes and extreme acrobacies that were sure not to be missed.

The place itself and its surroundings, La Manga del Mar Menor,   are certainly scenic, and there are quite a few photos of it in my stock portfolios:

Sunrise on the Mar Menor

La Manga del Mar Menor

I may devote the area a post of its own, but today it is not about enjoying the landscape but looking up to the sky where the action is taking place.

Patrouille de France  was the first of the birthday party guests and the sky went tricolore, bien sure:


Patrouille de France

Patrouille de France

Patrouille de France at an air show

The crowd was cheering and we were standing somewhere in the middle with a heap of hefty equipment, including a 500mm lens, getting a stiff neck and a lot of biceps workout. Fortunately the next number was way less stressful to chase thorough the viewfinder, but breathtaking nontheless, biplane with wingwalker:



Next guests were Frecce Tricolori, displaying the full range of Italian charm with a chatty speaker, Pavarotti music and great  stunts:

Frecce Tricolori airshow

Frecce Tricolori Airshow

Frecce Tricolori Airshow

Frecce Tricolori Airshow

Two of Europe´s  primadonna military aircraft  were introduced, the Eurofighter on his own (and driving the photo team mad with his extreme speed):


and then the fatty primadonna  Airbus A 400, which was introduced by the birthday boys Patrulla Águila:



And of course, the birthday boys were there for some spectacular stunts  that were  cheered by an enthusiastic home crowd:




A great Sunday and a pretty stiff neck for a couple of days.

The whole photo series of the show  is being uploaded to agencies, and  a collection  is being set up on Shutterstock.

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