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Holiday Season

With Halloween  just gone by, holiday season is in full steam. And though most of us love it most of the time, sometimes some of us could do with a break from the whole excitement that builds up as Christmas … Continue reading

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I happen to know quite a few yogis, so it was only a matter of time before I decided to go for some yoga shootings. With lovely Marcela and Gisele (mother and daughter!) I chose an outdoors setting,  a beautiful … Continue reading

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On Selfies, Part 1

People  absorbed in their smartphones frantically thumbing on the screen  seem to haunt me, it has already become more difficult to shoot a mediocre landscape than a couple sitting at a restaurant table, each of them  staring at his/her phone. … Continue reading

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Summer fun, Part 1

In the area I live we have no shortage of beaches, from wide and sandy to secluded and rocky, so there is a wealth of great photo locations to choose from. One of these days I will have to devote … Continue reading

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A “Crisis, what crisis?” shoot, Part 2

So after  our drama session was abruptly interrupted by the killer bees I  decided to  move away from the yellow rubble. To some avail: once we started where the earthen rubble was we only got flies and mosquitoes! We started … Continue reading

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A “Crisis, what crisis?” shoot, Part 1

The ruins of a former brick factory  were a great backdrop for this shoot with Javi and Victor impersonating business guys in trouble and  wannabe Shakespearean actors in dire straits. The initial inspiration was the 1975 Supertramp album  “Crisis, what … Continue reading

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Kicking it off

Initial post of my stock photography blog, yay! On here  I  would like to  offer my buyers and followers a little insight into my  current stock photography projects: updates about what is to come, behind the scenes peeps of my … Continue reading

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