Uruguay, Part 3

On my way to/ from Buenos Aires I made  two longer stops at both Colonia and Carmelo, two true  Uruguayan gems.

Colonia offers loads of colonial architecture charm,  cobblestoned streets, vintage cars all around the place  and a very relaxed, laid back atmosphere.


ColoniaNikon075August 04, 2015

ColoniaNikon044August 04, 2015

ColoniaFuji240August 04, 2015

ColoniaFuji234August 04, 2015

ColoniaFuji204August 04, 2015

ColoniaFuji156August 04, 2015

ColoniaFuji098August 03, 2015

ColoniaFuji069August 03, 2015

ColoniaFuji034August 03, 2015

ColoniaFuji006August 03, 2015 copy

ColoniaCarmelo 150905234

ColoniaCarmelo 150905231


It gets less vintage and colonial but equally charming in Carmelo, which turned out to be the ideal place to relax after a crazily busy  Buenos Aires week.

Carmelo017September 05, 2015

Carmelo034September 05, 2015

Carmelo045September 05, 2015

Carmelo081September 05, 2015

My Uruguay photo portfolio can be found here.


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Hello, thanks for taking a look ! When I am not traveling somewhere or into some art project, I devote my time to stock photography. This blog intends to give an insight into my current stock projects.
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