My 10 best selling images

It has been quite a while now since I have been devoting part of my time as a photographer to shooting images for stock agencies, and today I wanted to have a look at my bestsellers, so there they are.

Position 10 is all about wellness

Back massage

Position 9 gets fruity

Orange tree

Position 8 brings some shooting action from a quail hunt.


In position 7 we have some creative food for kids, watermelon lollies.

Watermelon lollies

Position 6 is for Leo and his cool looks.

Hiphop artist

A footwear factory comes in position 5

Sewing worker

Traditional Spanish Roscón de Reyes  is in position 4.

Roscon de Reyes and its bean

Bronce medal goes to a stage still life.

Instruments on stage

Second position goes to footwear production again.

Footwear production

Position 1 has to do with  (almost) everybody´s darling.

Pint of lager





About Olaf Speier

Hello, thanks for taking a look ! When I am not traveling somewhere or into some art project, I devote my time to stock photography. This blog intends to give an insight into my current stock projects.
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2 Responses to My 10 best selling images

  1. Jorge Russell says:

    Muy buenas todas, pero coincido con los compradores, la mejor está en el primer lugar ¡salud!


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