Montevideo 15090621-2

Safety first!


Old doors fascinate me (some friends use “haunt” to describe it…),  their textures so full of lives, chances,  stories and even  history, like this beautiful sample I found in Montevideo´s Ciudad Vieja. Safety first!

Layers and layers of paint, all sorts of wooden planks nailed together somehow having withstood wind and weather produce unique textures that have me shooting away.

Green planks

Greenish with multiple (key)holes

Old door

… studded and yellowish…

Old door and keyhole

… pure wood with brass…

Old door


CaboDeGataD600 160307335

… Mediterranean blueish.


Churches, old town house ruins, harbors, storerooms,  full of patina and stories to tell.


Studded door

Metal coat

Bolted door

With heavy bolt

Metal door

Mediterranean harbor storeroom door

Door with Arabic decoration

Metal plated wiht Arabic motives

Old door with handwriten "for sale"

For sale

And always in some sort of -easy or strained- harmony with their facades.

Old facade

The invasion of the electricity meters

FeriaCocentaina 15103063-2

Spanish old town street


About Olaf Speier

Hello, thanks for taking a look ! When I am not traveling somewhere or into some art project, I devote my time to stock photography. This blog intends to give an insight into my current stock projects.
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