Meaty moments, Part 2

In part two cold  meat, cooking and  meat recipes are going to be in focus. Around the globe!

We start with some  Spanish cold meat. Chorizo, black pudding, serrano ham, sobrasada, lomo and the like.



Serrano ham


Chorizo slicesMorcilla

Sobrasada spreadPork loin


followed by German variations on the same theme, Leberkäse and smoked ham. German, did I say German? Yes, some beer around as well!


Assorted hearty snacks

Black forest ham

German cold meal

Lamb chops with Mediterranean herbs

Lamb chopsLamb chops

Meat does mean bbq, steaks, embers, smoke, Argentinian way of life…

Grilling meatArgentinian barbecueChurrascoSeasoning with pepperRare steak

Pork is king on many traditional tables: Eisbein, Kasseler, sirloin in orange sauce


Kasseler pork chop

Pork sirloin

And some beef classics like paupiette or vitel tone


Vitel tone beef

Vitel tone closeup

Interesting variants of meat pies, both European and Arab

Meat pie


A hearty Colombian lechona, a Christmas classic


Some Spanish classics from the tapas corner, meatball bouillion and cecina

Beef bouillion


And, as always chez moi, some kid food.

Pasta with faces

Funny kid snack

A large collection of my meaty photos can be seen and purchased here




About Olaf Speier

Hello, thanks for taking a look ! When I am not traveling somewhere or into some art project, I devote my time to stock photography. This blog intends to give an insight into my current stock projects.
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