Christmas food, Part 3

For the third part we shot some regional classics as well as some generic Christmas food still lives. Just 10 days to go… .

A few shot with ingredients in a Christmas mood:

Chistmas arrangement

Chistmas arrangement

Traditional Christmas sweets

Christmas still life

Dried fruit

Chrismtas arrangement

It is not all about sweets, like a  Spanish elver salad


Italian lentils

Christmas lentils

hearty Colombian lechona

Colombian Christmas meal

Swedish ever so hearty potatoes

Brunede Kartofler

colorful Eastern European soup

Christmas soup

But of course the road leads back to treats like Spanish nevaditos


or candied almonds an marzipans

Sweet almonds


On the Latin American side we set up some sonhos


buñuelos and Puerto Rican Christmas rice

Christmas bunuelos

Christmas bunuelos

Puerto Rican arroz con dulce

Bon appetit!  The whole Christmas collection can be found and purchased  here

About Olaf Speier

Hello, thanks for taking a look ! When I am not traveling somewhere or into some art project, I devote my time to stock photography. This blog intends to give an insight into my current stock projects.
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