Costa Rica

It has been quite a while  since  I last  had the chance to visit one of my personal favourites, pura vida country Costa Rica.

During that particular trip I got little time to spare for photography, but still a small  portfolio of images traveled home with me in the suitcase.

















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Uruguay, Part 3

On my way to/ from Buenos Aires I made  two longer stops at both Colonia and Carmelo, two true  Uruguayan gems.

Colonia offers loads of colonial architecture charm,  cobblestoned streets, vintage cars all around the place  and a very relaxed, laid back atmosphere.


ColoniaNikon075August 04, 2015

ColoniaNikon044August 04, 2015

ColoniaFuji240August 04, 2015

ColoniaFuji234August 04, 2015

ColoniaFuji204August 04, 2015

ColoniaFuji156August 04, 2015

ColoniaFuji098August 03, 2015

ColoniaFuji069August 03, 2015

ColoniaFuji034August 03, 2015

ColoniaFuji006August 03, 2015 copy

ColoniaCarmelo 150905234

ColoniaCarmelo 150905231


It gets less vintage and colonial but equally charming in Carmelo, which turned out to be the ideal place to relax after a crazily busy  Buenos Aires week.

Carmelo017September 05, 2015

Carmelo034September 05, 2015

Carmelo045September 05, 2015

Carmelo081September 05, 2015

My Uruguay photo portfolio can be found here.

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Sand and dunes

They are there but then elsewhere, with ever changing  heights, colors, shapes and textures,  always challenging the photographic eye to play  games in their restless sand.

I arranged for some Oriental/African props, Angela and Giselle added  their natural beauty and here is the result,  a touch of Oriental flavor on Mediterranean sand.

Moroccan lamps

Desert still life


SpringDjembe player

Oriental dancer

Belly dancer silhouette

Early morning peace



Woman on a dune

Tea time in an African desert setting


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Cars (and men). Or viceversa.

Cars and men, men and cars, quite an… issue sometimes. I decided to shoot it from the humorous point of view. Well, at least Jose and me had tons of fun around the car. And went for a drive and a couple of beers (in that order, of course!) afterwards. Enjoy!

Technical problem


Breakdown trouble

Hate my car


Mad driver

Aggressive behaviour


Macho driver

Bored driverPushing

Checking oil

Road stress

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My 10 best selling images

It has been quite a while now since I have been devoting part of my time as a photographer to shooting images for stock agencies, and today I wanted to have a look at my bestsellers, so there they are.

Position 10 is all about wellness

Back massage

Position 9 gets fruity

Orange tree

Position 8 brings some shooting action from a quail hunt.


In position 7 we have some creative food for kids, watermelon lollies.

Watermelon lollies

Position 6 is for Leo and his cool looks.

Hiphop artist

A footwear factory comes in position 5

Sewing worker

Traditional Spanish Roscón de Reyes  is in position 4.

Roscon de Reyes and its bean

Bronce medal goes to a stage still life.

Instruments on stage

Second position goes to footwear production again.

Footwear production

Position 1 has to do with  (almost) everybody´s darling.

Pint of lager




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Uruguay 2, Atlantic Coast

Away from Montevideo I drove up the Atlantic coast  towards Brazil, shooting most of the smaller  resorts, which out of the peak season welcome you with endless lonely beaches and a wonderfully calm and laid back atmosphere.

Aguas Dulces beach

Aguas Dulces wooden beach houses

La Pedrera beach

La Pedrera rocky shore


Endless beach between La Pedrera and La Paloma

Sunrise on La Pedrera beach

Atlantic sunrise

La Pedrera

Large rock formations all over the coast


Scenic shipwreck

Punta del Diablo

Punta del Diablo

Punta del Diablo

Punta del Diablo beach

Punta del Diablo beach

Punta del Diablo beach

Old winch for pulling fishing boats ashore

Old fishing equipment

Old fishing boats

Fishing boats ashore in Punta del Diablo

Punta del Diablo

Traditional thached houses

Punta del Diablo

Scenic rocky coast of trendy Punta del Diablo resort, Uruguay.


My full Uruguay portfolio can be found here.

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Uruguay Part 1, Montevideo

The photo results of a  month´s long trip around Uruguay and Argentina is finally hitting my stock portfolios, so I will devote a series of posts to its different highlights, being the charming Uruguayan capital the starting point.

From it  seafront ramblas to the charming old town my portfolio contains a wide range of views of Uruguays beautiful capital.


Sunset over Rio de la Plata with Montevideo skyline in the background

Montevideo panorama

Panorama take of Montevideo and Rio de la Plata

Montevideo 150913143

Punta Carretas Lighthouse


Montevideo Bay

Container ship on Rio de la Plata

Fishermen and ships


Montevideo Old Town facade

Old town facade

Montevideo old town facade

One more

Crates with fruit

Vertical groceries

Artigas statue

National Hero Jose Artigas statue on Montevideo Plaza Independencia

Montevideo 15071702

Political graffiti

Montevideo presidential building

Torre Ejecutiva and national flag


My complete porfolio on Uruguay can be found here .

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Barbed wire and bullets

I got my hands on barbed wire and some  bullet shells (I do not live in the USA,  so the latter is quite a chore) and decided to go for some conceptual pics. As a mystery novel lover, a tribute to  Chandler, Ross McDonald, Mankell & Co. was a must,  assorted editing form high key b&w to vintage color look great fun .

Then, feeling very close to journalists and journalism,  I decided to go for some press freedom  concepts. To all the guys that are having a hard time in Turkey  (and…, the list would be far too long) right now.



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Montevideo 15090621-2

Safety first!


Old doors fascinate me (some friends use “haunt” to describe it…),  their textures so full of lives, chances,  stories and even  history, like this beautiful sample I found in Montevideo´s Ciudad Vieja. Safety first!

Layers and layers of paint, all sorts of wooden planks nailed together somehow having withstood wind and weather produce unique textures that have me shooting away.

Green planks

Greenish with multiple (key)holes

Old door

… studded and yellowish…

Old door and keyhole

… pure wood with brass…

Old door


CaboDeGataD600 160307335

… Mediterranean blueish.


Churches, old town house ruins, harbors, storerooms,  full of patina and stories to tell.


Studded door

Metal coat

Bolted door

With heavy bolt

Metal door

Mediterranean harbor storeroom door

Door with Arabic decoration

Metal plated wiht Arabic motives

Old door with handwriten "for sale"

For sale

And always in some sort of -easy or strained- harmony with their facades.

Old facade

The invasion of the electricity meters

FeriaCocentaina 15103063-2

Spanish old town street

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Meaty moments, Part 2

In part two cold  meat, cooking and  meat recipes are going to be in focus. Around the globe!

We start with some  Spanish cold meat. Chorizo, black pudding, serrano ham, sobrasada, lomo and the like.



Serrano ham


Chorizo slicesMorcilla

Sobrasada spreadPork loin


followed by German variations on the same theme, Leberkäse and smoked ham. German, did I say German? Yes, some beer around as well!


Assorted hearty snacks

Black forest ham

German cold meal

Lamb chops with Mediterranean herbs

Lamb chopsLamb chops

Meat does mean bbq, steaks, embers, smoke, Argentinian way of life…

Grilling meatArgentinian barbecueChurrascoSeasoning with pepperRare steak

Pork is king on many traditional tables: Eisbein, Kasseler, sirloin in orange sauce


Kasseler pork chop

Pork sirloin

And some beef classics like paupiette or vitel tone


Vitel tone beef

Vitel tone closeup

Interesting variants of meat pies, both European and Arab

Meat pie


A hearty Colombian lechona, a Christmas classic


Some Spanish classics from the tapas corner, meatball bouillion and cecina

Beef bouillion


And, as always chez moi, some kid food.

Pasta with faces

Funny kid snack

A large collection of my meaty photos can be seen and purchased here




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